Blue Mondays

Mondays suck. Haha, I was so tempted to just leave the post at that. But I shall elaborate because I know you you want me to! Mondays are hard for us stay at home parents because after a weekend of having your spouse, they suddenly disappear and return to the land of the working.

Add to the fact, that last night was a rough night for James and I. So I was pretty grumpy today. Well James was grumpy too. I think it might have been teething in combination with a not so restful night of sleep. I struggled today. I’ll admit it. But I took a moment and gathered myself. I will always do my best not to snap at my boys. (James and Howie!) Not saying it’ll be easy but I’m going to do my very best.

Can I just say, to all the single parents out there. YOU. ARE. AMAZING! I don’t know how you do it. But major respect!

Til tomorrow!


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