So I missed two posts, I was so tired that we would James to bed and I would just fall asleep. It was a busy week. I feel like going forward this will be the trend. Here’s what happened for us this week.

Monday : We stayed home, weather wasn’t great and I knew we were doing alot this week, so we stayed home.


Tuesday: We went to a friend’s house. If you read my previous post about personality, I was worried about how James was going to be. But he was amazing, super interactive and playful. He was a flirt really. Maybe he was just going through something last week because he was fine with her holding him and she even put his bunting suit on. So that was a great experience. Than my mom came over. It’s really nice to see her with him. She’s really great with him.

Wednesday: Stayed home. I’m easing him into things, so I try and go with a day were we’re active and than a day off at home.

Thursday: So my plan is to go the Early Years Centre every Thursday. But on this day, my sister had planned to come over and then we were going to visit my grandparents, his great-grandparents. My Mom had my brother and I when we were young. Likewise for my grandparents with my mom. So my grandparents are the age that some people’s parents would be, like my husbands. Up until now, our visits were hit or miss. It’s a bad time of day. After his last nap, before bedtime. But again, James surprised me, he handled it really well, he was fun and playful. Another great visit!

Friday: Busy day! We went to babytime at the Library. I was so freaking happy to be amongst babies his age. Everyone was super friendly and it was a great experience. James handled it well, although I feel like he had more interest in the clock on the wall than anything else. Then we went to the Mall, (it’s right beside the Library) and walked around for a bit. Went home, he had a longish nap. Woke up just to feed him and then we were off again, to meet his Dad at his work. (He’s a teacher.)The students at his school always lose their minds over James. They swarm him and I can only imagine what he’s thinking. But he doesn’t freak out or cry. I should note this was all walking whilst pushing a stroller. We had to go meet the hubs for timing reasons. I was getting my first haircut since James was born.. I was falling asleep while she was cutting my hair. 🤣So I was done by the time I got home

Saturday & Sunday: Just spending time together. Having Nicholas home is nice because we get to be together.

It’s going to be another busy week! I shall do my best to stay on top of posting!

Thank you for reading and following along!

Til tomorrow!


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