Baby Eat World

So I’ve got James eating twice a day now. He’s a good little eater, as long it’s a puree. But I’m working on moving him away and to eating real foods. We’ve pretty much introduced everything and what little remains, I’m not overly concerned. We haven’t had an issue yet. This does not make me complacent but at the same, I’m not as anxious. AS anxious.

I don’t want him to pick up on that anxiety. But I’m so nervous to give him real food. I’m terrified he’s going to choke. This is because he doesn’t have teeth. At this point, I feel like he may never have teeth. I’m exaggerating. But from everything I have read, and everything I’ve been told, as long as they’re soft small pieces, he’s going to be okay.

I’m a firm believer in an early introduction. So I think it’s important that he start experiencing this now, and lay a really good foundation and relationship with food. Wish me luck!

Quick note, I’m sorry for being absent the past two days. I’m going to do a recap tomorrow. I’ve just been so tired but I promise to do better.

Til tomorrow


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