5 Things to Know About Poop

Let’s get real…shall we? I want this site not only as a legacy to James but to help parents. So one important thing no one really talks to you about it, is well…poop. But it is something to be talked about because, as a parent, it’s going to play a major part of your life, especially for the first several years.

So here are 5 things you should know!

    The first poop, is just a sticky, gooey black mess. It’s called black tar for a reason. It’s that way for the first few days but be prepared for it, it’s sticky and messy. Have fun!
  2. All The Colours of the Rainbow
    Baby poop is not like adult poop. It’s going to be all different colours, ranging from a lovely yellow to a rich forest green and everything in-between. You don’t have to worry, it’s totally normal. However, if you are concerned Similac has a diaper decoder, which will help you determine if there is any cause for concern. (For formula fed babies) As always, if in doubt, consult a medical professional.
  3. Formula vs. Breast Fed
    Breast fed babies will poop more often and can longer in between poops as they get older. (2-3 months or older) Breast milk is easier to digest than formula and it’s also considered to be a natural laxative. Consistency, colour and texture are also different between formula fed and breast-fed babies.
  4. Solids
    Once you start solids, your baby’s poop is going to change again. You’ll start to see harder, more formed poops. Again colour can vary but don’t be alarmed. Another fun aspect of this, is of course smell. There is no way around this. But I assure you, diaper genie’s work really well.
  5. Frequency
    At some point, once you have a baby, you become obsessed about when they’ve gone and how often they’ve gone. It’s amazing that as a Mom, we can have trouble remembering what day it is but we can tell you down to the hour when the baby pooped. You’ll have conversations like “Did he poop, what colour was it?” Everyday talk. Don’t stress too much.  Remember there are different rules for formula vs. breast. Watch your baby and his/her cues and trust your instincts.

I can’t say that this will be the last time I talk about poop. But I hope this helps!

Til Tomorrow!


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