TGIF – The Recap

By the time Friday rolls around, my energy reserves are running low. I took a nap this evening. I’m actually going to bed soon but I’m determined to keep up with my everyday posting. I should probably do this ahead of time but considering it’s called the daily crib, that feels inauthentic to me.

This weekend, the plan is put together that food schedule for James. I’ve been doing really well with him but I have to kick it in high gear. I’m so lucky I have such a good baby. He seems to really like food. But we have work to do and that’s what I’m planning out this weekend.

We’re still also figuring out this sleep regression thing. He’s been waking once a night and taking a small bottle, only to go back to sleep. That’s part of the reason why I’m getting more serious about solids during the day. We’ll see how tonight goes!

Bought a sippy cup today. Going to introduce that soon. More on that next week.

It was a good week, I feel like we’re making progress. I’m learning, I hope he’s learning. But we’re having fun. Thanks for following along!

Until tomorrow!!


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