James on the Move!

James is starting to crawl. While he’s not doing the traditional crawl, (although we’re very close to that) he does a “commando” crawl. He pulls himself on his arms, dragging his legs. It’s funny watch. He’s strong and very determined. Problem is, he wants all the things that he can’t have.

He has toys all around him, but he’s determined to go after everything else. His favourite forbidden object…the dog’s ball. Or anything that belongs to the dog to be honest. DVD’s, cords, his Dad’s slippers?!? I found that I spent the majority of today, chasing him after him, re-directing him in the direction I wanted him to go. I kept saying No. I wasn’t a fan of that, I then tried to explain to him that these are Howie’s toys and that he has his own toys. I just don’t want it to feel like a negative experience. I was reading in a book that by letting him have the objects that are “forbidden” for a few minutes, it lessens the harsh and creates a positive experience. It’s just that these objects are safety hazards, except the shoes and the DVD’s.

I know he’s young but I don’t want the experience of “No” to be how I spend our days. Additionally, I feel like the fact that he wants the dog’s objects, can be a really good teaching moment about sharing. But what I do know, is he’s a little man who is on the move and about to become very active. I have a feeling my days are about to get a lot more active as well. Bring it on!

Now I have to baby proof. More on that tomorrow…

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