I’ve often discussed that throughout this journey in parenthood, one of the most constant themes is the feeling of unpreparedness. I was so focused on the pregnancy, that I really didn’t give as much focus on what happens after. Not to mention, each baby has their own timelines and as long as they’re meeting important milestones within reason, just let them do their thing. But one of the things I’ve found really helpful is wonder weeks.

I never bought the book but I’ve been using the thewonderweeks app.


It’s been so helpful and accurate and a relatively good predictor of behaviour. Fussy periods, what I should be looking for, how he’s developing.


It’s a great app that not only individualizes your baby’s experience but helps you understand what to expect. It can set an alarm for you to know when your baby is about to enter a leap.

What exactly is a leap? Think of it as a mental growth spurt. Physical changes are much easier to identify and notice, especially with babies. But mental and cognitive development takes time and comes in levels. It’s so amazing to watch them suddenly be able to do something that weeks ago, you wouldn’t have imagined. The wonderweeks app and book (should you so choose!) helps breakdown those mental and cognitive changes and what to expect and when.


James is just about to enter Leap 6. I’m so excited to see how he will grow and learn. It’s a tough period right now. The past few nights have been rough but it can’t be sunshine and rainbows everyday.

I highly recommend checking them out.


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