Dear James

Dear James,

Today was quite the day. We went to brunch and you handled it like a champ. But for some reason, strange men make you cry. You’re okay with the ladies. (Shocking!) But only for a little while. You seem to only want me. Which I’m fine with, I won’t push you too hard but it’s important for you to get comfortable with others. We’ll take it slow and I’ll always be there to guide you.

Then you had an epic nap today. You were in such a good mood when you woke up. See what sleep will do for you? We’ll see how tonight goes, the last two nights have been rocky. (Fingers crossed) I’m not going to get into the poop explosion, or when the dog singed his tail. (Not the first time!) Or when the dog knocked over the coffee onto the heater and smelled like burnt cookies all afternoon. Sigh

I have to say, I love our days together. Even the insane ones. It’s so much fun watching you discover the world. Trying to figure out your logic and why you do the things you do. Watching you learn and learning what you like and don’t like. Even though you insist upon going after the dog’s toys, day after day, it’s hard to be mad.

Hopefully you and I have a restful night. More than that, hope that we have an amazing week!



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