Strange Days

Well, I’m now officially two daily posts behind, at some point I’ll just double up on one day. That counts…right? I was all ready to post, even had the page open, ready to write but I was so tired. It’s a common theme, I know. Plus yesterday was a strange day. Today was a strange day. James has been acting weird for the past couple of days and I’m not really sure why.

It’s the problem with babies, they can’t tell you what’s wrong. For the past couple of days, his napping has been erratic and he’ll wake up crying. He was eating normally but for the first time in months, I had to give him a bottle overnight yesterday. In addition to a bottle tonight about an hour after his last bottle. Tonight he only got 60ml but last night a full 120ml. I don’t know if because he’s teething or going through a spurt. On top of that he’s clingy with me. I really don’t mind because as everyone tells me, enjoy while it lasts. One day, it’ll be uncool to want to be close to your mom, so I’m taking it. We’ve always been close but he’s been close with his Dad too. Nicholas has always been incredibly involved and we do a really good job of sharing the responsibilities. But even when we’re together, he wants me. Then my brother came over yesterday and he’s been around a fair amount but the past few times, James literally just starts crying as soon as he sees him. I mean just looking at him, he doesn’t even have to hold him but by simply looking and talking to him, James will start crying. I have no idea what to do about that.

It might be the start of separation anxiety. I honestly have no idea. It’s been a strange couple of days. I’m off to brave google now and do some research. If anyone has any ideas, I’m always open to suggestions, comments.


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