8 Months

I think one the most common things I heard while pregnant from friends, family, well-wishers was to enjoy every minute because it goes quickly. At the time, I was having a difficult pregnancy and felt like I’d been pregnant for a very long time. However, the adage is spot on. James is 8 months old today and honestly it feels as if he was born yesterday.

I had no idea it would feel this way. I didn’t think I could love anything so much. I’ve always been a bleeding heart and I just couldn’t imagine the depth of feeling. Not just for James, but for our little family.


James has gone from a tiny little thing, to a healthy sized baby. Okay, a giant sized baby. I love seeing his personality develop. I love seeing the world through his eyes.


The first few months were hard. James had gas/reflux and it made for difficult sleeping. My health wasn’t the greatest and we all struggled. But together we pulled through it. James is a wonderful baby. Strong-willed and determined. Clever and curious. He’s never once complained about a dirty diaper. But he’ll let you know when he’s hungry and tired. He gets really cranky in the afternoon and naps during the daytime are always an adventure. At 8 months, he sleeps through the night but gets up at dawn. But you can’t really complain considering he’s asleep by 6:30pm.


I look forward to the next several months until your first birthday.ย  I look forward to so many more firsts, adventures and years. I’ll say again, you are the best thing I have ever done and I love you immensely.


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