Dear James

(This was meant to be posted last night but life got in the way!)

We take each and every day for granted, that we’ll wake up tomorrow healthy and happy.  Yet, we never know what can happen, so as a part of my letters to you, I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you know some things. I hope one day I’ll be sitting beside you as you read this, no doubt rolling your eyes at my sentimentality but humour me…okay?

You are without a doubt, even at 8 months old, the best thing I have ever done. We waited a long time for you and if you look back, you’ll know I wasn’t even sure I wanted children but you’ve made it so worthwhile.

I have no idea what you’ll become but I look forward to our journey. I aim to do right by you. I’m not perfect and will make mistakes but I hope you always know that you are immensely loved (by so many people) and supported. I want to help you discover the person you are and what YOU like and what YOU enjoy.

I often feel like I have no idea what I am doing but will always try to do what’s best for you. I will proud of you no matter what, unless you end up in jail. Unless you’re in jail for some worthwhile cause or you’re falsely accused but otherwise you’re on your own there buddy.

Love you to bits and pieces and I’ll tell you everyday and that’s a promise.



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