It’s driving me nuts. It’s driving James nuts. He’s been teething since about 4 months. You know the drooling, cranky, sometimes sleepy, others times can’t sleep basket full of joy and light that is teething. Yet, there is nothing to show for all this heartache.

It’s another one of these things where they give you a timeframe of between 3 – 7 months. Your human brain latches on to the earliest possible number. I’m slowly learning that these are guidelines and as long as your baby is healthy, you have to trust to their timeline.

This just bothers me because it bothers him. We’ve had some cranky days. Just days where he’s rubbing his face, drooling and you can just tell he’s suffering. There really isn’t much you can do. They don’t recommend orajel, even the homeopathic versions. Cold teethers, wet towels and Tylenol. I feel like I’m always giving him Tylenol but when he’s suffering and it prevents him from sleeping, it’s all I can do to help him.

It’s just fascinating that for all our evolutionary miracles, when it comes to babies, some things are done they way they’ve always been done. The hard way.  Sigh. At least I have that lovely gummy smile for now.

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