Baby’s Firsts

I’m fairly certain I’ve taken a picture pretty much everyday of his life. I feel like I’ve captured most of his firsts. But I haven’t been zealous about it. It makes wonder sometimes, if that makes me a bad parent. But as I think about it, who are firsts really for? Is every first of equal importance?

I feel like I’ve got the important moments captured. Plus I have a visual record of every single day. But as for every week and in the same outfit, I had planned to do that but to be honest, my kid grows so fast, it wouldn’t have worked. I almost in a way feel guilty about this, as if I haven’t done a good enough job of documenting his young life. That being said, I’m coming to realize that the day to day stuff is so much more important that a few concocted moments “caught” on camera.

James is not going to remember his first anything and realistically how many of us go back and look at our firsts?  What will be imparted on him is the environment and having a loving home. I’m still going to capture all those firsts and his first birthday will be a shindig. But I’m going to document his day to day life.

I want to be clear, this is not a critique of capturing those important milestones. I’m all for it but I just feel like life is more than just milestones. The point I’m trying to make is rather than tying ourselves into knots, trying to glorify each moment, take each moment as it comes and for how special each and every single moment is regardless of whether or not it’s a first.

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