Dear James,

After my social media post, I realized that every moment and aspect of his life will be documented. I have so many photos and videos. So I decided to start this series as way to have some thoughts go along with all the photos.


Dear James,

I’ve decided to start writing you letters, so that you may one day look back on this and see your life through my eyes.

You turned 7 months old today. Honestly, today was not the best day we’ve had. In fact it may have been one of the worst. You’ve been doing really well sleeping through the night but this has led to you not wanting to sleep during the day. Which I would be fine with, but at your age you still need to sleep. There were many tears but we got through the day. I hope you know that it was hard for me too and that I am always trying to do what’s best for you and from a place of love.

In the 7 months you’ve been apart of our lives, the wonderful moments outweigh the bad ones. I know that we’re not always going to have good days. But we’ll get through our bad days together. You grown so much and I have so much fun with you. I love your stubborn little heart. I’d love to say that tomorrow will be a better day but we’re off to the doctor to get a flu shot. But past that, possibilities are endless.

Until tomorrow,



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