The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Growing up Christmas was my favourite time of year. I loved it because no matter what was going on, everyone would come together and set their differences aside and celebrate. In my family, all of us getting along was a rarity. Invariably, at some point someone would be mad at someone for something. So I lived for Christmas, it’s such a beautiful time of year. Everything is more potent. The lights, the smells and the spirit.

James will be 7 months on December 11. I’m so excited to share this Holiday with him. I love that everyone will be over and he’ll be surrounded by family. More importantly, I love that growing up, he will (hopefully) not have to deal with the dynamics I did. As he grows older, I look forward to gingerbread houses, baking and Christmas mornings with big breakfasts and lot’s of love.


One comment

  1. One of the beautiful things in life is that it’s never too late to heal. Whatever you needed as a child, you can give to yourself now. Not only to James but to yourself as well. Because those feelings (that we craved growing up) can affect the way we experience and go through life today as adults. It’s such a beautiful process healing and loving ourselves consciously. James is truly lucky to have you as his mom.

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