Huh…not what I thought

I’ve been really excited to start our food journey. It was one of things about parenting I was looking forward to. So far, it’s been…disappointing.

James was showing all signs of being ready so we decided to try. We started with sweet potato. He wouldn’t open his mouth and whatever went in, came back out just as quickly. I didn’t want to traumatize him so I waited until he was closer to six months. (Originally we started at five months.) I gave him rice cereal and it went well. So I tried sweet potato again mixed with some rice cereal, and it took an effort. He wasn’t opening his mouth and was resistant. Tried again the next day and went better.

He’s tried apple, banana, grape, avocado and today we tried eggs. I scrambled it with some formula. He wasn’t interested. Tried again, this time I hard-boiled an egg and then blended it with formula. Went slightly better but again it was a struggle. Add into this lately he’s been resisting his bottle. It’s been difficult.

In my head, I imagined he would take to food like a duck to water. But he hasn’t. I’m thinking it’s a texture thing. It’ll take some effort but I just thought that this would be something that was easy. Turns out this is going to be difficult. Sigh.

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