Trick or Treat!!

It’s my first Halloween as a parent. It’s James’s first Halloween ever. We weren’t sure what we wanted to dress James up as. We wanted matching costumes. For Dad and baby, mommy does not dress up…ever. We thought about a bunch of different options, but in looking through the costumes, saw this minion costume and sold! We bought the costumes. I’m not tremendously crafty. I could probably make something, but I’d need to start six months advance and I have no doubt there would be a lot of tears and swearing.

We decided not to take him trick or treating. Right now at 5 and half months, it would be lost on him. Also realistically, we all know who the candy would be for. It’s a little disappointing because generally people tend to come later on, so James will miss most of it. But he did answer the door a couple of times. (Not by himself, he can’t do that yet!) That’s one thing I’m finding interesting. The firsts are such a big deal but usually the firsts are for the parents and to document later. Most of the time, it’s all lost on James.

I’m curious, what were your first Halloween with baby like? Did you take them trick or treating at a young age? Leave me your comments!

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