Breaking up with Sleep

So life decided sleep and I needed time apart. It’s been a hard break-up. You see I loved sleep. I have an entire Pinterest board to devoted to sleep. I loved it and it loved me. Somewhere along the way I took sleep for granted and decided that I no longer wanted it. I had a baby. Sleep took it really hard and moved on. Really should have appreciated sleep more. Sigh.

There are days when I’m so exhausted. Now, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but if there was a way to find some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement, I’m all for it. It’s so cute when I think about being tired before having a kid, man those were the days. There are those that warn you that your kid won’t sleep and there are those who tell you their kids sleep like freaking angels. I’m fairly certain (myself included) convince ourselves that our kid is gonna be the one that sleeps like no tomorrow.

Not my baby. He’s a pretty awesome baby. It’s not just me saying this, others tell me too. (I swear!) But he’s sleep resistant, allergic or something. First it was gas, which was brutal, poor guy would cry out in pain. (I’m going to get into sleep training, colic, gas etc, but right now I don’t have the energy to write an informative post. Right now, I can only muster up barely contained sarcasm. You’re welcome!) Sometimes he naps, sometimes he naps for 45min and is up for an hour and then naps for another 45 min and we get to do this all day! From everything I have read, biologically he should be able to sleep through the night. (I have a super child, he’s bigger than some one year olds.) Again, sometimes he does, other nights he doesn’t. It’s like a crap shoot every night. What I have going for me, is that he can sleep in his crib and he can fall asleep on his own, he just can’t get back to sleep on his own most times. It’s a work in progress.

But here’s my totally unsolicited advice. Do not assume you have the golden child that will sleep. More than likely you won’t. So be nice to sleep. Appreciate sleep. Love Sleep. Enjoy sleep while you can.

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