T-Minus 9 Months Part – 2

So the first three months of my pregnancy were amazing. I didn’t get sick. I never had morning sickness. (Now before you curse me out, the last three months were brutal) Honestly, if I didn’t know I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have thought I was. I just would thought I was coming down with something. Now I was beyond exhausted. I would come from work and essentially nap. Fatigue was main problem during the first three months but beyond that, it was a dream.

The middle three, were fine. I saw the baby, found out the sex and starting feeling him move. But towards the end, things started creeping up on me. My legs and feet were getting really swollen. I’m a migraine sufferer and they were awful during my pregnancy. I take Imitrex for them. It a brand of migraine medication. It works wonders. They said it was safe to take during pregnancy, but I was reluctant and hesitant. I was obsessed with doing the right things during my pregnancy to the point that I can’t say I enjoyed my pregnancy. I was crippled by the fear, that if I didn’t do the right things, I would be forever responsible if anything happened to my baby. But my migraines are no joke. I get the kind, where my vision closes in. It’s all tunnel vision. That’s even before the pain sets in. This medication would head them off and stop them. I needed this as acetaminophen does nothing for me. So I took this medication and I felt such guilt each and every time. I would try not to take it but that would only make it worse. The thing about migraines is you have to head them off. The longer they linger, the harder they are to get rid of.

Then in late January, I got the cold from hell. I couldn’t shake it. I couldn’t breathe. Every single part of your body is affected by pregnancy, so breathing is already different and laboured. My nose was so clogged. I couldn’t breathe through my nose, I couldn’t sleep at night, I couldn’t taste anything because I was so congested. I tried every natural possible remedy I could. I got one of those nose rinsing systems. It didn’t work for me and it was disgusting. I did steam, hot water, got a humidifier. Nothing helped. Eventually I had to go the doctor, and I ended up getting a prescription for a nasal spray. As always my doctor maintained it was safe to use. However, in my determination to protect my baby, I would look everything up.

This is my suggestion to you, if you trust your doctor, TRUST your doctor. Looking things up online is endless rabbit hole. You can find whatever you want to fit the narrative you want. The nasal spray is safe according to most sites, but then you find the sites where isn’t safe and those nag your mind. I used the spray until my symptoms cleared up and I stopped. I don’t think I had ever been so grateful to just simply breathe and taste again. I had truly never been more miserable in my life. But migraines and colds would turn out to be the least of my problems.


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